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what are the ingredients in Sulo medrerol?

10 Relpys |Post Reply | 6:16pm - July 12th, 2013

It is not an RX drug, but an over the counter vitamin?

3 Relpys |Post Reply | 9:17am - June 26th, 2013

When will my acne start to clear up after starting sronyx?

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 4:14pm - May 22nd, 2013

I am now on my last red tablet,the first day I bled very little and it stopped and started discharging brown what can be wrong

12 Relpys |Post Reply | 4:21pm - April 29th, 2013

Now i have 1yr 1mnth feeling that pian no change. I have taken metronidazole 200mg for a month

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 2:51am - February 17th, 2013

I used petogen 4 prevention without being tested 4 pregnancy 1st...on de 8th of dec i experienced more like period pains bt wer so unbeareble cudnt get my legs out of bed on de 2nd day..i saw somethings looking like clots bt de things wer a bit long nd brownish..i pushed nd something like a redish.brown skin like,came out,de pain was u think i mite hv miscarried due 2 de petogen used?,do u think i mite hv used de petogen while preg?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 7:20am - December 12th, 2012

I ws flng de pain evry dae in my viginal

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 5:23pm - November 8th, 2012

5yr old daughter drank 3spoons of celestamine. What will happen? Should i bring her to hospital immdly?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 10:30pm - October 25th, 2012

how long do side effects last?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 9:19am - October 10th, 2012

is fine to drink those pills when you did an abortion?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 6:44am - October 5th, 2012

can testorone cypionate interact with a drug to cause irreguler heart beat?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 8:58am - October 1st, 2012

Im 35 weeks pregnant and prescribed Metronidazole, Its the four pill at once and im just a little nervous i have bad anxitey and was just wondering if i can take them at night i forgot to take them this morning , or would it be better to just take them tomorrow during the day??

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 6:56pm - September 22nd, 2012

previously taken same dose for 10 days which was cmpleted 2weeks ago for clost.dificile is this too soon to repeat prescription? I felt very weak and tired and sick, hardly ate anything due to poor appetite during the last course and was told at that time to take tabs for a maximum of 10 days.I am normally an active 69 yr. old but the last course of tabs.really knocked me for six.

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 5:54pm - August 2nd, 2012

My doctor was out of town for my scheduled visit, so I will be off Clarvis for approx. 5 days. Is this a problem?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 3:47pm - July 26th, 2012

Just started on this and Dr. wanted me to find out what not to take with this new drug

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 11:32pm - July 17th, 2012

Just wondering if any of the following meds could product diarrhea for my mom? Clonadine, mirtazapine,ferrous sulfate, tiramT/HCT2, amlodipine,

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 12:09pm - July 14th, 2012

eflexa giving a positve on drug tets

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 12:43pm - June 22nd, 2012

I have Major Depression and take Lamictal. Is there anyone else out there who can relate and has taken AdoMet along with Lamictal or other antidepressant and had success? How did you convince your doctor to provide you with a prescription for this medicine?

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 1:28pm - May 14th, 2012

Is mixing all three a terrible idea? How serious?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 1:17pm - April 5th, 2012

I am a 29 years old male. Had a Double valve replacement 12 years back. Permanently on blood thinner medication. Had a TIA in 2009 while consuming cannabbis. Another TIA struck recently. Neurologist has recommended Citicolin - 500 mg. Blood thinning medication include - 150 mg Ecosprin & 6mg Acitrom. What are the collective effects of these medications together?

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 11:27am - March 31st, 2012

Can you take metronidazole tablets while on pradaxa?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 6:06pm - March 30th, 2012

My 41-year old daughter has been diagnosed with breast cancer; ductile carcinoma insitu, which presents with micro-calcifications in the milk ducts of the breast. She has taken Zoloft for 20 years. We have noted that a blue residue collects in the toilet she uses. it is a heavy calcification residue in the color blue, like her Zoloft pills.

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 6:09am - March 13th, 2012

I am being treated with this drug in the UK but plan to take uo residence abroad

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 11:56pm - February 14th, 2012

If Levothyroxine is not stored under 25 or 28 dgree centegrate what side effects it will have

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 12:23pm - February 9th, 2012

Levothyroxine not stored under 25 or 28 dgree centegrate how does it affect my health

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 12:19pm - February 9th, 2012

Is it pretty much what Metanx is?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 9:36am - January 5th, 2012

I have been dixxy since i took img of glimerpiride can i stop for three dausto se if dizziness stops?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 10:24am - December 24th, 2011

I am on disability and am on Lantus one time a day.Why do these drug stores have to charge so much, and you can only just pay for half the pills? Thanks for hearing me out.

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 11:59pm - December 22nd, 2011

tightness - distention

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 3:06pm - December 15th, 2011

I am taking Pregablin tablets for arthritic knees which are helping me but I would like to know if the tablets are addictive and will I have problems coming off them?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 4:22pm - November 25th, 2011

I have been experiencing major breast tenderness since being on Metanx, wandering if anyone else has had this as a possible side effect?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 9:56am - November 14th, 2011

My birth control is Lutera. It said to take it the first day of my period. I got the birth control on sunday & I started the day before (saturday). So do I take it or wait till next month to start it?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 3:48pm - October 23rd, 2011

am using nordette but my montly cycle is late am i pregnant

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 11:52am - October 17th, 2011

I like to take a drink of ginger ale at night time but am not sure if it is safe to do so while taking ciproflox for an acute sinus infection

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 9:11pm - October 9th, 2011

I missed a Lutera yesterday. When I looked it up it said not to take two pills in one day like I was told to by my doctor. My doctor is not a gyno so should I just skip it or what, do I just throw that pill out or what? Never missed a pill my whole life until yesterday.

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 1:05pm - September 22nd, 2011

iam asmatic patient and always take celestamine and sulbutamol together to get relieve. is it save?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 12:17pm - September 14th, 2011

I have a rash drying up within my inner thighs leaving behind dead skin. What is an inexpensive way to remove it?

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 10:02am - August 20th, 2011

I can not afford Hibicleanse. Is there anything I can use instead of?

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 9:31am - August 20th, 2011

M feeling pains on ma genital after taking bio-metronidazole

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 3:14am - August 20th, 2011

Jis it ok to take dilantin while taking lovenox injections?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 2:00pm - August 19th, 2011

i forgot to take a pill and remembered at 8pm so i took that dose but my normal scheduled time to take it is 10pm and i took another pill then. what is going to happen now? i just read im NEVER supoosed to take it like that...please help

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 4:55am - July 30th, 2011

A student told me she blew a 2.0 and claims she had one beer. She said she was on thyroid medication and that is what made her blow so high.

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 7:25am - July 29th, 2011

how many times should i take celestamine if my hands are itchy and redness?possible 3times a day?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 5:27am - July 24th, 2011

is arimadex just the trade name of the tablet

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 1:46pm - July 20th, 2011

es buena para mareos

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 8:36am - July 17th, 2011

Am taking.Bio-Metronidazole 400 and I am trying to get pregnant must I continue with this tablets?

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 9:21am - July 11th, 2011

I am prescribed the above drugs and told to take them all at once (21 tablets) but i am scared to do so, is it safe for me to take them all at one time?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 1:44pm - July 10th, 2011

How does the sun effect glimepride in the treament of diabeties?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 9:21am - June 23rd, 2011

possible kidney infection

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 12:00am - June 17th, 2011

Is there a difference between bio-metronidazole and metronidazole? Because my docter gave me bio-metronidazole and my boyfriend was given metronidazole, by mistake my boyfriend drunk the bio metronidazole and i drunk the metronidazole

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 5:30am - June 7th, 2011

might want to re-proof article

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 8:25pm - June 2nd, 2011

how to recover with this

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 3:01am - May 11th, 2011

my hubsand has been taking metronidazole for 24 hours should it have started to work yet?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 3:30pm - May 1st, 2011

iv forgot my ablets on holiday for 4 days will it b ok

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 4:18am - April 23rd, 2011

i am diabetic and is 3mg too much ?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 4:39pm - April 9th, 2011


2 Relpys |Post Reply | 8:37pm - March 13th, 2011

How much of the common side effects have people had - upset stomach, nausea/vomiting or heartburn?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 1:32pm - March 8th, 2011

Has anyone experienced weight gain while on AdoMet?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 1:30pm - March 8th, 2011

I am a 48 yr old male seeking low cost or free Adderall,I have no healthcare insurance.

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 12:24pm - January 25th, 2011

I am having seizures and doctor has put me on dilatin and as of today increased to 6 pills a day because my blood work still shows 2.5 and he wants it to 10 why would after taking this for 4 weeks it still not going up at all when in the hospital 5 weeks aga it was readint 2.5 Can you please help me with this question I am concerned about taking so much of this medication

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 2:41pm - December 28th, 2010

Why would my doctor tell me to take 8 dilantin pills a day??

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 11:31am - December 21st, 2010

Why would my doctor tell me to take 8 dilantin pills a day??

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 11:31am - December 21st, 2010

Do lyrica and gabapentin conflict?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 4:09pm - December 2nd, 2010

looking for a med i am on for cholestorol. called ezetrol

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 9:53am - December 1st, 2010

has one got less side effects,please share your experience.thanks

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 7:25pm - November 4th, 2010

urine infections

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 2:50am - October 11th, 2010

if it prevents you to ovalate then this med. shouldnt be taking not to get pregnant

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 1:29pm - October 9th, 2010

Usual drug dosage. Like what are the ingredients of the tablet form. Basically, what does it consist of?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 10:45am - January 7th, 2010

How much folic acid in one Metanx tablet

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 5:39pm - June 5th, 2009

I have been drinking Wu Long tea for quite some time and found that Wu Long has been working well for me. I have lost 10lbs this month and was wondering if anyone has been experiencing anything bad?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 4:44pm - October 3rd, 2008

Has anyone ever had any side effects from using Soma's?

2 Relpys |Post Reply | 9:57pm - May 23rd, 2008

Are there any long term side effects associated with the use of vicodin?

1 Relpys |Post Reply | 12:47am - May 23rd, 2008

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