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It is important that you leave regular intervals between every dose of medication. Doing so will help the efficiency of this drug. Every prescription comes with instructions on the reverse side of each bottle or packaging. It is important that you follow the written instructions carefully as not all of them are identical.

Adrenaline in the aerosol form is to be inhaled through the mouth. You need to shake the canister well and tilt your head back slightly before breathing out completely. Then, empty as much air as possible from your lungs, keep the canister in the upright position and place the inhaler inside of your open mouth. Take one puff (press down on the inhaler) and breathe in deeply but slowly. You will need to hold your breath for at least 10 seconds. If more than one puff is needed you should wait 1 2 minutes between puffs. Remember, when taking Adrenaline or any prescription drug to always follow the label closely and do not take more than directed.

Adrenaline should only be taken as instructed by a professional physician. Be sure to remember not to stop taking this medicine without consulting your physician first about how to stop safely. If you are researching this medication for your child, keep in mind that children often have special dosage instructions. Ask your physician about these differences prior to starting this medication if this is the case.

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